Thursday, 20 September 2018


London Fashion Week brings with it lots of excitement. 
Like days of old when a circus came to town, LFW makes the heart giddy
 and all a flutter. At the same time you also get that OMG. The workload, 
because it’s like no other throughout the year. Truth be told the rush 
of excitement against the workload, its manageable and well worth it

Now we mentioned in the last post we’ll be sharing more street action
 images with, you from outside the recent shows. Hope you like 
what you see. There are quite a few images, so let’s make a start.

This post is dedicated to her Majesty Queen Michelle, way up north. 
One Two Buckle Your Shoe
Of course I still remember. Such inspirations from way back then, 
and still now as you are about to see. So get ready for a Foot Candy Special.
Shoes by Oyster Footwear. Another new discovery from a guest at 
LFW. Oyster are a cool artisan brand from South Korea. and as you can see, 
are seriously stylish works of art. Just look at this stuning fun mule.
 Anyone up for boot camp?
Just look at these beauties. These golden boots are by Liudmila
worn by this beauty in the image below, Shyness Director Shiny Fransis.
Style icon and blatent shoe visual excitement fan.
 More excietment this time from our friends at Balenciaga
this time with a fresh trwist on an old friend. These buckled ankle boots.
 Here's some more from Balenciaga. This time we have sequin embellished 
slash heel pumps in fuchsia pink, and belong to Erika Santos.
 These caught our attention. Spotted on a cool Japanese editor, the colours 
and styling are clearly defined. These have a unique jewellery angle to them, 
and always seem to be spotted on someone Asian. the brand is Coliac.
A modern classic. Monochrome fabric strap J'adior slingbacks from
 Christian Dior.
 These are just right for the perfect statement of entrance, at the 
grand ball. See you there tonight.

More from LFW on our next post, coming soon
All images featured in this blog belong to and are shot by 
Pat Lyttle  of  JSTREETSTYLE 
 These images are copyrighted and belong to Pat Lyttle of JSTREETSTYLE.
You cannot use these images unless permission is given.

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