Saturday, 19 April 2014


We took a leisurely stroll in the West earlier on Saturday to London's Portobello Road 
Marker. It's been a while since we ventured ot in that direction and the luck of the gods
favoured us with kind weather for the day. Our journey though brief did have its rewards.
We thought we'd share those with you right now as it's been a while since we made a 
post. So here are the images of the stylish on the streets early Easter in London 2014.

This is Leou from China spotted on London's Portobello Road. She wears a dress from Zara
 with a Swarovski bracelet, a poncho by Accessorise, shoes by Pink Heroes and a straw hat.

On the left is Yoshimi from Nagoya, Japan and on the right is Shoko, both cuties were 
spotted on London's Portobello Road.

Yoshimi wears a braoch on her I Rank beanie hat by Tsumori Chisato, bag by Ateliers PENELOPE
Coat by ChildWoman, socks by Marimekko and shoes by Aurora shoes MIDDLEENGLISH.

Shoko wears a jacket by, a handmade skirt, socks by French Bull, 
stole by Supper Hakka with shoes by Birkenstock

Check out those Birkenstocks.

On the left is Carol wearing a jacket, denim shorts, a top all vintage with shoes from Office 
worn with socks. On the right is Clemente wearing Cheap Monday denim jeans, a H&M 
shirt and biker jacket, both were from Spain spotted on London's Portobello Road. 

Eleanor on the left, wears a fur hat, a houndstooth print jacket, a skirt and shoes from 382 
all vintage. Rose on the left wears a pastel purple, lilac and mauve ensemble with white shoes, 
all vintage both spotted on London's Portobello Road market.


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Sunday, 13 April 2014


Spring has finally sprung with a wonderful weekend gifted to the many 
people that graced the streets of London this weekend and what a weekend.
No more dark and dreary days full of doom, gloom and of course lots of 
rain, thouse have been sent packing hopefully never to return or at leat to 
not show up until it should, like in Winter only. 

So with the streets ram packed due to the Marathon, Olivier Awards and the 
sunshine, we grabed a camera,  dusted off its cobwebs, found a lens to fit and 
ventured out into the alian climate tp Londinium known at sunshine. 

Covent Garden was the port of call for this venture. It gifted us rather nicely.
Here are some of its offering from a sunday afternoon in April 2014 and 
it many stylish people we encountered. 

On the left is Liam from Yorkshire. He wears Carhartt slim trousers, Grenson duck boots, 
A shirt and jacket both from GAP with sunglasses. On the right is Sadie from West Yorkshire. 
She wears holographic peeptoe sandals by Boohoo boutique, fishnet socks and white 
tights both from Topshop,  a vintage skirt and blouse, used coat with bag and wingtip 
sunglasses as accessories.

We bumped into this pretty woman by the name of Lisa Gardner doing her ballerina routine 
while out with her hubby. Sadly this image cought some flair from that sunlight we mentioned.
Lisa wears a leather biker jacket designed by Olivier Theyskens, a je t'aime Jane sweatshirt by 
Bella Freud, with a pleated monochrome skirt by Proenza Schouler, ballet pumps of course 
and a python skin clutch bag by Victoria Beckham.

This is Yan from China. She wears a leather jacket, trousers and shirt from Zara with 
a cardigan from Coast, a blue bag by Celine and shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood.

Classic signatures of the award winning British designer Nicholas Kirkwood.
Innovative beveled heels and a silver trimming to make slippers fit for a Princess.

This very dapper gent is George from Covent Garden. He wears a bespoke suit 
by Mark Powell, brogue shoes by Best of British and a hat by Stephen Jones.

 We like these Doc Martens withtheir florals

We also like htis teenager with her brightly coloured hair and large glasses.
She's not feel out of place walking down Omotesando in Harajuku in Tokyo.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014


This is fashion writer and blogger Yu Masui from Japan spotted outside the  
Tsumori Chisato show during Paris Fashion Week. He wears a gold suit and jacket 
from Acne with brogue shoes by Japanese brand It's Gifted.You can often spot Yu 
from his flamboyant and sometimes mischiviously playful style, but one thing's for sure 
about this man. He is all about style and he lets the world know it so they won't ever forget.

 One of our current obsessions. These amazingly stylish high heel green mules with a 
cock sole by Givenchy. I've been trying to track down a pair to add to the collection but 
sadly, they seem to be out of season or stuck. Anyone that knows where one can still 
aquire these items of beauty, please do get in touch with the details.

 Japanese Street Style published by A&C Black 

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Saturday, 29 March 2014


This is Amy from Tokyo spotted on Omotesando. She wears a vintage Top she got
 from Nakameguro, she wears it with denim shorts and a Balenciaga handbag.  

Don't you just love her pretty red platfom shoes with buckled strap detail.

So what's the hold up?

Look! No hands. 

Notice the T-shirt this cute fun loving teenager is wearing? She's wearing a spoof 
brand logo which is all the buzz these days especially with with celebrities all 
wearing spoof fashion brand T-shirts or sweatshirt tops. 
So what is your choice, Coca Cola or Ciao Ciao? We know which one we prefer.

This is Nishiki from Tokyo spotted on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku Tokyo on a hot and sunny 
day in June 2013. She wears the masculine form of Lolita style often refered to as Kodona 
in the west but in Japan called Ouji. Her outfit is by the brand Alice And The Pirates.

I love this style. The whole masciline feminine mix up thing has always facinated me and 
I have watching women dress in menswear. When you watch a fashion show by designer 
Ralph Lauren during New York Fashion Week, it's always the models that wear his amazing
fine British inspired fine tailored trouser suits that are the best looks of his collection.
We like how Nishiki works this fine young prince look.

 Japanese Street Style published by A&C Black 

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