Wednesday, 24 June 2015


These platform sandals above are from Celine.
Deep and dark studded excitement by McQ
You wouldn’t believe the trouble we went through to bring you these
 pretty Saint Laurent Babies 40 Triple Strap Mary Jane Shoes. 
A veritable Inquisition was indured with endless questions and ones 
justification for photographing them. And this is at a major fashion event.
We worryingly wonder sometimes we do. Seriously. We really do.

We won't go into the reasons of why wearing statement footwear 
for the sole purpose of it standing out from the crown and thus, 
propelling oneself into a likewise position which clearly is the 
sole intention doesn't register with them, yet in their mind, the concept 
that you may have some sense of fashion knowledge, is beyond 
comprehension, because they are so consumed with and weird dark 
sinister nonsense.

The idea that some of you out there like ourselves here, appreciate 
 this amazing form of contemporary art, or just simply love beautiful 
and pretty things is just in an unknown to some. This is ever so 
sad a revelation. We will continue to share with you the visual 
excitement that fashion brings and gives, when seen not on the 
catwalk, but on the street.
Mock snakeskin high heeled Gladiator Roxanne sandals from Topshop.

Black open toe circle cut ankle boots by The Master. 
Christian Louboutin 

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Girls  Girls  Girls 
First up is this twirling twirling beauty. Korean fashion model 
 Next up we have the amazing Candy Li wearing a jacket by Away Lee 
with sandals from Topshop and a bag from Olympia Le Tan.
This is Jojo from China. She was so cute twirling in her red dress 
Finally we have the woman behing those glasses. The ones 
you've been seeing everywhere. Designer MOO Piyasombatkul.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Here are some of the trends we spotted on the streets during the 
spring summer 2016 offering of the London Collections Men.

Denim and Double Denim. Hats, flat caps, straw hats like the Panama.
The classic white shirt. Classic suits in vivid colours like in blue.
Other trends included women dressed in masculin tailored suits.
Turbans, Japanese inspired cultural clothing.
More on the Japanese culture theme with this man showcasing 
designs by Astrid Andersen.
 Above is fashion journalist Masa Giro Murase
Fashion journalist Yu Masui in his Coach jacket and jeans

This is Tiago De Oliveira from Oli Worlds

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Style was out in its abundance over the last few days in London, as 
during the 12th - the 15th of June it was the turn of menswear fashion
 to be highlighted under the guise of “London Collections Men

Now though we don’t normally focus catwalk fashion here at  

 but we do bring you the clear and direct influences of the catwalk 
reflected on the street because for us, like you we feel this is the best 
catwalk there is. The global fashion community, the attendees, 
the style recording analysts both from the traditional media and the 
new social and public sides with its many bloggers, the buyers and
 stylists as well as the growing number of camera laden people, 
all lined the streets of central London to capture a glimpse of the 
latest gents in their finery as well as the maveric, the trend 
setters and growing number of style maidens attending the 
menswear showcase event.
First up is some eye candy in the form of top fashion model David Gandy 
who attended the event as a panel guest. The British male model's suit 
is from the high street store Marks and Spensers with shoes by
 David Preston.
This is talented visual creative Linda Cooper originally from China. 
Owner of Blocked Studio, she is an artist, a photographer and so 
much more. We spotted this bundal of visual excitement attending one 
 the shows. Here we see Linda wearing  an ourfit and jewellery all 
by Dr. Noki for NHS with a bag by Vivienne Westwood.
More visual excitement came in the guise of uber talented stylist 
Anna Trevelyan. Here we see her wearing a kimono inspired sporty 
number by designer Astrid Andersen with Nike footwear. Wonder how 
often she gets asked are you Lily Allen? We suspect quite a lot.
Here we see her in a pair of fierce looking Supra Fifre 120 Button-Up boots 
from Christian Louboutin with a dress by Xaio Li from the shop Machine-A.
This bundle of cuteness is the lovely Cherie Chen, the showroom 
manager of  Project Crossover. She wears a dress by Anna Kiki 
with espadrilles from Chanel.
More quirky beauty this time from the amazing Susanah Lau or  
Susie Bubble, the alite fashion blogger and journalist of StyleBubble.
As we seem to have slipped into a bit of a beauty groove for some 
reason, no idea why, it just happened that way, we're going to end this
 first post from LCM with Yordie Kidane from Ericouture. She wears a 
turban with a Maang tikka. Sadly we missed her and style from the 
previous day where she wore a beautiful Japanese Kimono with Obi 
and her turban. WOW what a combination it was.