Wednesday, 10 October 2018


Inspiring Millennials In Search of Vintage Style Sunday 7th 2018

Sunday last, we decided to venture out into the vastness that is London,
 in search of vintage style from one of the many specialist fashion fairs. 
This particular one was called Frock Me, and resides in the splendid 
dwellings of Chelsea Town Hall.
Showing ones face and networking for a while, albeit a brief while, 
one could not help but to notice the sheer number very stylish Asians present. 
A decision was made. Now to act upon it. There was way more 
fun to be had outside shooting street style fashion imagery, 
of these super stylish mostly Chinese and Japanese young millennials.

This post is a sharing of those individuals we spotted that stood out, 
and we liked, with the feeling that you might like their style too.
 This is Yilin Wang from China. She wears a pretty pink and red check 
trouser suit by Comme des Garcons, from their AW 2018 Tricot collecction, 
with a bag from Fendi
 This is Fashion Student Jasmine Meng from Beijing China.
She wears an earring by WingFree, a black and white vintage bag, a 
trenchcoat by COS, a pretty dress by 1pStudio a vintage bag, with shoes 
by Comme des Garcons, from their AW 2018 Tricot collecction. 
 Let's take a closer look at those way cool shoes from by Comme des Garcons
 This is the lovely FUN Lyu Yifan 呂一凡 from Shanghai China. She wears 
a coat by MaxMara, shoes from TopShop and a bag by Quinto & Francis
 Here's April from China wearing all black, with bow tie boots by AGL
a top by True Religion, a handmade jacket and a skirt by Ilaria Lepore
 Now I mentioned the many millennials  earlier, but how cool and stylish 
is this woman. For all those women out there that think you have to be 
 18 - 20, and with a billion instagram followers, with some product glued 
to your face,  as some odd brand appendage, in order to be cool 
or be seen to have style, let this woman with incredible and impeccable 
style, help to resculpt your perception.
Now I know what you’re thinking. Why is it always women or young 
looking girls? I can hear those brain cogs churning and grinding away. 
Oh the noise those thoughts make.
I guess the answer is simply, it would appear that fashion 
appeals to women more, so the industry targets them more. 
But that is not to say men are not interested in fashion, 
or do not possess a sense of individuality, in their expression of style. 
That is very much not how things are these days. 

Just take a look at these two examples of style. 
Two very dapper dandies rocking some serious vintage inspired man style.

All images featured in this blog belong to and are shot by 
Pat Lyttle  of  JSTREETSTYLE 
 These images are copyrighted and belong to Pat Lyttle of JSTREETSTYLE.
You cannot use these images unless permission is given.

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