Sunday, 16 September 2018


Apologies for the delay since the last post. 

It is now that time of year once more, when all is bright and colourful
 in store fronts, pop ups are a plenty and all the creatives in town come out to play.  
For it is indeed play time, or rather shall we say it is once more again 
that time known as London Fashion Week,

The Fashion Parade is back in town, along with all the bloggers, 
influencers, journalist, photographers, videographers, presenters, writers, 
editors, stylist, buyers, make up artists, models and all other creatives 
I may have managed to have escape mentioning.

Anniversaries, new leaders, creative directors, and new teams, 
new marking plans and there are always new bean counters. 
Way too many some of you may think.

London is awash with a smile of rare blessed and prolonged sunshine, 
and along with it, Fashion Week is hear to give us all a taster 
of inspirations for the coming spring summer season of 2019.
A lot can happen and probably will take place between now and then, 
when hot items hot the shops, or more likely the case being 
it's all about fast fashion these days, within 48 hours max 
of the end of the catwalk shows, you should be able to get your 
hands on those very same items you’re all googling, streaming, 
downloading and flicking through endless pages with images on, 
if a bit old school and still love all that tactile analogue stuff.
So how has this been reflected on the main catwalks? The ones outside 
the various fashion show venues? Well as previously mentioned, 
colour is making a play for attention, and in a would bound by 
planetary law to adhere to that term that has an epidemic influence, 
(safe), the street style provided a much welcomed show of entertainment 
and inspirations. Hopefully some will influence the mainstream 
fashion houses. It has been known to happen.

So let’s start off the proceedings here at JSTREETSTYLE
with an offering of the visual excitement we managed to capture for you, 
over the first 2 days of #LFW, London Fashion Week.


All images on this blog are by Pat Lyttle of JSTREETSTYLE
Bringing you two decades of documenting style on the streets of 
London, and Tokyo.
 Adam From Fashion with Harper Silin after a fashion show
The amazing Harper Silin ever late. Got to get to that show on time. 
 Harper is wearing a vintage lace dress with a skirt from OSMAN, lace 
kitten heels from Aruna Seth, and a bag by GB David 
and all personally styled by Vintage fashion specialist Pat Lyttle   
More from the amazing Harper. 
This time all dressed in black, the Chinese influencer, blogger, PR and 
fashion buyer is seen wearing a top from Xuzhi, a top as a skirt from  
Shu Shu Tong all sponsored by Purple PR and styled by Adam From Fashion
with heels by Dolce Gabbana and bag by GB David.
Next up, we have another special woman of noticable individual style.
You've seen her here before. Freya Sinyu Siu
Hopefully she'll be making more of an appearance here at JSTREETSTYLE. 
We like her sense of style very much.
 More from Freya.

Two's company. 
Here is another of our favourites. Model, style icon and Co Founder 
of Moy Atelier, the incredible Betty Bachz.

  More from LFW on our next post, coming soon

All images featured in this blog belong to and are shot by 
Pat Lyttle  of  JSTREETSTYLE 
 These images are copyrighted and belong to Pat Lyttle of JSTREETSTYLE.
You cannot use these images unless permission is given.

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