Sunday, 7 July 2013


Super styled Superstars

Times have changed. In todays world, many if not most people want 
to be famous. However few of us achieve fame for whatever reason, 
but there are some that do and are totally worthy of every bit of their fame. 
This post is in honour of those privileged to achieve their dreams.
Some of whom we've been lucky to meet and bring to you here at 

This is the amazing Minori. A fashion fan and model with the most incredible 
style spotted in Harajuku, Tokyo.

 This is Minori from Tokyo spotted late night on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku 
Tokyo one late summer night this June. Minori is a well known Shiro nori 
artist. (White face make up specialists) She's a absolute dream to behold.

 This is Yama of Tokyo Boppers. You can freequently spot her in many of the 
popular street style fashion magazines based on Japanese style.

Eye spy with my way cool eye. This cool looking dude is the man in sharge of 
all things cool at Avant Garde. The super cool brand and shop responsible for 
some of the most popular fashion tights in Japan such as Mam x Choco

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