Saturday, 13 July 2013


Summer is finally here. No more rainy season

This is Aumi (left) and Nao (right) both from Chiba spotted in Harajuju, Tokyo. 
Both wear the same jewellery, shorts and horse print t-shirts by Gu.

It's all in the detail they say. Cute fingers need cute nails, don't you agree? 

Sale time in Tokyo. 
This cool couple in the summer heat are dressed the same for the summer sales.
A popular thing among couples and friends. Note the bindi on her forehead.

This is student Miyajima Sail Hana spotted on Omotosando in Harajuku.

This is the perfect Decora and Cult Party Kei couple. The super kawaii girl is 
the artist Haruka Kurebayashi. We first met this ever so cute funster 2 years ago.
Some of you may not realise but she is featured in the book Japanese Street Style. 
She looked much diferent back then on her journey to stardom.
Her friend is Junya JunnYan. Note all his 6% DokiDoki gear. The bag is very popular. 
A free gift with their way cool Perfect Book. I highly recomend it's purchace.

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