Thursday, 21 February 2013


London Fashion Week Fall/ Winter 2013
London Fashion Week came to town. Sadly it never sticks around.
Always on the go, always the buzz then off it goes to Milan, Paris and goodness 
only knows where else on it's world-wind whistle stop tour.

I only attended the weekend. Many of you know I do an editorial fashion 
and image based job during the week so these eyes have to go through 
the very same thousands of images shot by specialist catwalk and events
 photographers on the Monday to Friday.

The weekend though was a dream considering the recent UK wearher.
We always talk about the weather in the UK. Don't we. it's a part of our 
very being, it's in our DNA I believe. Well it was most favorable over the 
weekend and because of that, many came out to play in the very way we 
all love. Dressing up with style. 
We all love trends these day so it was no surprise to see many of them 
not only on the catwalk as you'd expect but on the street where many
of us like myself feel most comfortable. People watching. Observing style.

So what trends you you see I hear you ask. The rise of Man.
For a long time now Menswear had been a forgotten word consigned to 
the walks of a select few streets in Milan,New York or Tokyo where a 
said gentleman of well to do means would be seen with his man assistant,
 arms loaded with boxes and bags, shirts, ties. His suit however would be 
tailor made in Savile Row or it would be purchased and delivered by the 
store or shop of purchase. This is well beyond the means of many a man.
An so forgotten he had been until now.
Earlier in the yearLondon Collections Men brought much excitement with
 reasonably affordable well designed and exciting clothing attire for men that 
actually for once could, would and did excite many men. There's been a buzz 
in town ever since and the fruits of that excitement clearly came into being
at Somerset House, the home of London Fashion Week, run by the 
British Fashion Council So men there was a distinctive presence of men 
dressed in a dapper sense of style. Fine suits with good cuts, exciting prints
incredible colours, it was great to see many men dressed up and having their 
moment. Brief it may well be but long overdue it is aand its here for the now.
After all. Its only the now we live in and that counts very much in the world of style. 

Later I'll mention the other trends but for now, here are some of the amazing 
menswear images I shot on the street over the weekend that are suit based.

First up. The WOW factor.

This is Freelance Graphic Designer Chris Chasseaud wearing Dent De Man
suit, American Apparel tie and a Brooks Brothers shirt.
Almost a week later guys are still asking me about the suit this man was wearing. 

This is TV presenter Lewis Taylo who wears a suit by Dent De Man

This is uber stylish blogger Toni Tran of Fashitecs. He wears shoes from Zara,
Fashitecs trousers he made himself, Version black blase, Topshop jacket

Details that matter. The amazing prints of Toni's trousers. Nice work dude,

 Here's a portrait of a street style fashion photographer Karl-Edwin Guerre 
of Guerrism. An impeccably stylish man alway. I've been seeing images of him 
during Milan Fashion Week on the streets and I've always admired his style.
Next up on the right of this image is Phil Oh from Street Peeper.

This is Yu Matsui a regular style spot at London Fashion Week.
He oozes style but with his unique Japanese angle, Very eclectic and often 
rather eccentric. He doesn't have the feat many do over an item or his wish to 
coordinate his looks. He's most certainly a character and one we like very much 

Next up is James from Dublin wearing a studded suit by Sick Studs

Chris Chas and Toni Tran of Fashitect both wearing Dent De Man suits 

This is De Yung Kim from South Korea. He wears a suit from the
Havana company with a leather satchel bag

Here's Paul who works for milliner Stephen Jones. He wears a hat by 
Stephen Jones, jacket by H&M, a vintage cravat and jeans by All Saints.


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