Sunday, 3 February 2013


It's now February.
Has the year 2013 been turbo charged? Second month already.
It's racing ahead. Well the sun paid London a brief visit so not to miss out on the 
momentous occasion, we grabbed the camera and hit the streets. 
It was the very first break of good weather in what seemed  like ages.
Here are the proceedings of the weekend's fine weather in central London.

Here's the first double act. We spotted these two at London's Bishopsgate 
on their way from Brick Lane market.

A couple of characters.

This is Katherine from Switzerland poses for a picture at London's Spittlefield Market.
She wears a fur coat from her grandmother, her socks are from a UK online store

Monochrome Madness but it's all fun really.

Sparkly socks and strappy wedge shoes from KTZ ( Kokon Ti Zai ).
This is Jiffy from Taiwan photographed at London's Brick Lane. She wears a hat and 
scarf both from Chez Moi. Her Inside coat is from Zara and outside is coat from a 
2nd hand shop on Brick Lane. Her shoes are from Mango.

  Her bag is from PORTER

This is Sherika from Ireland at London's Brick Lane. She wears a jacket,
a vintage hat, vintage leggings, a Topshop bag, a skirt by H&M shoes by Dr. Martens.

Ben from Brixton poses for a picture at London's Spittlefields Market. 
He wears a totally vintage ensemble.

This is Sir Freddy Vintage from Italy posing for a picture at the Sunday Up Market 
near London's Brick Lane.

This is Grenham from Brazil posing for a picture at London's Brick Lane. 
He wears a scarf from Vivienne Westwood, a cardigan from Andrew Miller, 
top from Gareth Pugh, trousers from Zara,

This is Mengiu from China spotted in London's Floral Street near Covent Garden. 
She wears a poncho and black coat from Chinese website Taobau 淘宝网  淘寶網
her leggings are from Urban Outfitters, boots  are Dr. Martens and her hair by In 
Style in China.

 The finer details. ( Bag and silver nail varnish ).

And finally with a most happy and beautiful ending

Simply Beautiful

This is Linnea from Sweden spotted on London's famed Carnaby Street. 
She wears Diva by MAC lipstick and her hair was shaved by her best friend. 
Her coat is vintage and her bag is from Topshop.

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