Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Excitement came to town in a whole different way early January.
The excitement was for menswear. Excitement I hear you exclaim! 
You'd be correct in your questioning of my choice of words a few years ago,
but times have indeed changed and I can't but believe my own ears, but indeed,
Menswear in London, January 2013 was rather exciting. For the first time in many
a year there was a huge effort on all sides of the industry. Retail sector, media,
blogs, twitter, TV, radio and the buzz was most definitely there in London that for
 that one week the streets were exciting and people were excited about the potential
 prospect that as a man, things would forever more be dull and predictable no more. 

Remember how you'd see a shop with the word Menswear on its signage
somewhere and how you'd laugh as you walked by.


Because it had the same content that was there since the 1970s.
Or a tiny corner of a vast window display consigned for some legal obligation
to display something for men. That's all changed now. Finally. So look out for the
shops, look out for those guys that look ever so dapper in their whistle & flutes.
Because they no longer dull boring or safe. There's real excitement out there
and it's headed you way real soon.

Here's what we saw on the streets by some of the shows. 



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