Monday, 28 January 2013


January 2013. Can't believe a new year has already stared but indeed it has.
 Days are cold and night's colder still, yet people are not what they seem.
That is after all the very reason you're here isn't it. There are those that 
brave the harsh elements and venture out onto London's famed treacherous 
streets be they cobbled or paved. The dare to challenge in all weathers 
to all those that do, we salute you . 

This is Janice from Malaysia photographed at Judy's Affordable vintage fashion fair 
at London's Spittlefield Market. She wears a scarf from Marks & Spencers
a blue jacket from Cutey London for Dorothy Perkins, a laptop bag by Marc Jacobs

Shoes from Clarks

And here's twinkle toes in all her glory.

This is Mika from Nagoya in Japan photographed at Judy's Affordable vintage 
fashion fair at London's Spittlefield Marjet. She wears a coat from Egg, 
A shirt and shoes from Comme De Garcons

She's enough to brighten up the dullest of a winter day that could 
be thrown your way. Hope we get to see you again.

This is Sir Freddy Vintage from Italy. A fashion designer wearing flared trousers 
that he made himself.

This is Nozomi from Tokyo Japan



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