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When was the last time you was a bunch of guys in one place 
wearing a skirt and you actually entertained the thought, 
You know what. I might give that a go myself. Or the simple addition
they actually look rather good in it as in it really suits them well.

London Fashion Week is such an event where there is a reputation 
and an exception to raise the bar, push the boundaries, challenge and 
court a provocative response. One item has a sure fire charm every time 
to tick all those boxes, The skirt as worn by a man.

No longer is it a sight of oddity of spectacle as it once was, but since the 
early days of punk in the 1970s and 1980s with Dame Vivienne Westwood 
behind its conception, a leisurely stroll though London's Camden town 
would grant you the sight of some lad in a skirt. More often these days 
in and around various fashionable haunts on the streets of Tokyo's 
Harajuku district or Shinsaibashi, Namba or Ame Mura in Osaka.
But during LFW men is skirts was a popular trend. Here's the evidence. 

Oscar wearing a hat, Robert Woon jacket, A Comme de Garcons jacket, 
a vintage skirt and Prada shoes. All topped with a Balenciaga clutch 
 karen Walker sunglasses

 Here's Nabil Alissi wearing a vintage Calvin Klein kilt, vintage boots, 
a bow tie by Mousier Jean Eve

Stop skirting around the issue.  You know you want one.  And why not. 

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