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Hi folks. Thanks for following during these fun weeks of fashion, packed 
full of exciting images on the catwalk, parties, and of course our favorite 
place where it all starts out, on the street.

Models posing before their big moment

We brought you pictures of the lovely Anna Dello Russo last time you were 
here. Need you to stop by a little more often by the way. Can't promise you 
all tea, coffee and delightfully cute cakes, but we are always welcoming to 
our friends and to all newcomers to JSTREETSTYLE. So please stop by 
and play here for a while. Tell your friends. Anyway after digressing for a 
while. my original point regarding the lovely Anna is that we're going to 
introduce to to the competition, the rival, the enemy even though all these 
terms here are only used in humour. We don't do any of that negative stuff 
here. It's all fun and games only here mixed with pretty pictures. 
So the rival I refer to Elle magazine. The big battle for the style crown between 
Vogue and Elle is stuff of legends. Again I'm talking in jest but I think you can 
get the picture I think. Well if not here it is. The other beauty. The other  
amazing woman. We're talking this time about the stunning  
Kate Lanphear. Fashion editor to Elle USA

This is the lovely Kate Lanphear.

This is Tar Mar. A blogger wearing a tikka headdress. Indian bindi's and 
tikka's seemed to be quite a popular trend on the street during LFW.
We spotted quite a few on young non Asian women. In our last post 
you may have noticed the Japanese singer Miliyah Kato (加藤ミリヤ)
who was wearing a bindi.

As we've mentioned bloggers. Here's a rather special one. This is elite
fashion blogger Shini Park of the blog Park & Cube

Now while we're on the blogger tip. Here's uber elite fashion blogger 
Susie Bubble of the blog Style Bubble 

Many people think Susie is Japanese because of her sense of style.
She dresses like a young Japanese women with mastery of multi layering  
and a fearless and expressive use of colours in her looks, but she's of 
Chinese origin. I met her about 5 years ago and she's one of the nicest 
women you could ever meet. Also one of the most busiest and without 
a doubt, the most in demand blogger or person possibly in the fashion 
industry. My invite to check out the vintage fashion collection still stands 
Susie as you're just close by if ever you have a rare free moment in your life. 

Now it's time to offload some baggage on you all. Had to happen sometime.
So here we go. This is the first batch from LFW to throw at you.  

The YSL 

The Balenciaga

 Japanese Street Style published by A&C Black 

Also available at Amazon.co.jp

A sample of my book can be viewed here

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