Monday 17 September 2012



This is Kevin Chan from Hong Kong. He wears a print pattern shirt and 
trousers from Topman with shoes from ASOS and sunglasses from H&M

 This is the super stylish blogger Toni Tran from Fashitects. He wears a jacket 
by Paddy Campbell, a shirt by Dolce & Gabbana, necklace from Topshop
handmade trousers made by Toni himself. with shoes from Zara

This is young Xi Chu from London.

 She was so sweet and seemed so flattered about me taking pictures of her. 
She wears a Nadia beanie hat, a dress Fash Top from Front Row shop, 
her trouser skirt is by Comme des Garcons with shoes by Jeffery Campbell.

Always taking a different perspective on things one sees on the street.

Many of you all know not only a lot of this fashion project of mine, 

the website and the blog related to or inspired by Japan or Japanese 
culture, but I'm sure by now you're all aware I've a special place in my 
heart for Japanese people. So here are a few I'd like to introduce.

This is the lovely Tomoko Inuzuka from Vermeerist Beams in Harajuku, 
Tokyo. A cool one stop shop for the most sought after designs and brand 
names in all Japan. Tomoko I first encountered about two years ago at 
London Fashion Week. She is one of my favourite people in my life. 
I only see her the once or twice a year but the wait is always worth it. 
She's the biggest fan of Manish Arora with many of his pieces, she designs 
herself and her style is one of WOW and impact, fun and energy. 

Here at JSTREETSTYLE, she's a favourite of ours with unique style.

 This is Haruka from Tokyo. Dressed totally in black, she wears a jacket 
by Alexander McQueen, trousers by and high heels by Sergio Rossi.

 This is Kanako Wakabayashi. I think she's an artist from Tokyo Japan,
I was introduced to her at LFW for the first time and she was delightful.
I did spot her earlier in the day and for some reason I kept thinking she 
really looked like the singer singer Miliyah Kato. Here's a picture of I 
shot of her at LFW earlier this year. What do you think? Do they look alike?
Let me know your thoughts. You too Kanako ^_^

I am I thinking about singer Mika Nakashina. Again your thoughts?

 This is Mina from Kyoto, Japan. She's wearing vintage earrings she 
bought at an antique market in London.

 Ending this post on the Japanese theme with a slight side step.

Here's the amazing Anna Dello Russo. The fashion editor at Vogue Nippon.
The Italian stylist and ex model that still graces the magazine covers herself 
check out 10 magazine where Anna wore a Balmain mini dress and ankle boots.
Those legs. Sadly my image doesn't do her justice. More from LFW to come.

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