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It's that time of the year again when when all eyes turn towards London,
No. Not the recent Olympics. I mean London Fashion Week.
We love it for many reasons. I love the street style. Hate the tens of  
thousands of images each day my eyes have to wade through.
Don't get me wrong. I love the images from the shows. Straight 
down the barrel shots as they're known but I especially love the creative 
catwalk shots. The alternative angles and approaches to what one sees.
I've a friend who loves vintage fashion like myself. She loves fashion week
for the sole reason of seeing grown women teetering around on seriously 
high heels in the hope she'll gain some pleasure when the fall over and you 
do see that on the famed cobbled paving stones London is famed for. 

So yes. It's that time of the year once more where street style / 
street fashion is everywhere. Each year it grows in popularity. The elite 
are there. The team that travel the globe doing the circuit of shows.
New York, London, Milan and Paris shooting the most desired images 
to grace the pages of Elle or Vogue and their other rivals, while the 
majority of the others shooting street style like myself, have their own 
blogs or websites. maybe the commission here or there in some 
publication traditional prints or online.

So what do you see? I hear some of you asking. 

Crowds of people. The stylish, those from withing the many channels 
of the hugely successful industry that is the fashion industry.
Editors, Specialist, Stylists, Photographers, Paparazzi chasing celebrities 
of stage, TV screen, Music Industry and so on. Fashion Specialists like me, 
a sea of Bloggers, Writers and Journalists. Fashion Sudents. 
People promoting and marketing their products and their own designes 
as naturally, the event is like a ground zero for all that is fashion so 
you have a product or a campaign, that's the place to premiere or to 
showcase it, the perfect testbed with the worlds media and fashion elite 
on your doorstep keen to lap up whatever they are being fed. OK I'm 
being overstated and ironic but you get the picture I hope. 
The points is that there's a lot going on everywhere and so many 
people looking great or stylish and often both at once.

So here are some of the images I shot from the first two days of the event.

I shoot street style as many of you all know but on ocations as you all know 
I'll utilize a fashion approach to my photography with a creative eye.

So I hope you like what you see here . I'll try to update the blog as often as 
I can,  and I'll try to post over a few weeks as I will hopefully have so much 
imagery it will last that long. Well like I said, that is the hope.

Street Fashion from JSTREETSTYLE at London Fashion Week.

I have to say I love that half shaved hairstyle trend and look. Here you  
can see this stylish woman giving her style some Rock n Roll and attitude. 
An alternate view of beauty is what my eyes see. Hope you do too. 

This is buyer Alice Xu of The Ooak from China. She wears a top and 
paisley trousers:TBA, ring and cuff Ooak concept boutique with shoes 
from Celine  

 A pair of amazing peep toe ankle boots from Martin Margiela

This is Immodesty Blaize, the British burlesque performer.
This is Senior Fashion Editor Grace Lam from Vogue China. She wears a 
Joseph Lee dress, a Margela jacket, Grace Lam for Mata Hari - Grace Mini
 bag, Lara Bowen jewellery and shoes

 Japanese Street Style published by A&C Black 

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