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Above are the invites to a most marvelous event that took place on 
 the weekend of the 8th and the 9th September 2012 in the heart of
London. The location was the Charring Cross Hotel. 

The reason. A celebration of Lolita fashion and style in the form of 
a Tea Party in sumptuous surroundings befitting of the Lolita style.
One which though started in Japan in the late 1990s clearly takes 
inspiration from European delights like high tea and its parties, as well 
as historical and iconic people and fashions from various eras 
spanning from Neo Classical, Victoriana, Renaissance and even 
the influence of the UK's punk movement of the mid 1970s.

However, the Japanese fashion brand Juliette et Justine, a well loved 
Lolita fashion label who not only embraced the roots of its inspirations 
around Europe across its many cities and countries such as Paris, Belgium 
and London, but many of their sales came from overseas in these 
very same places. So it made sense when fans of the Japan based brand,
who were aware there was a 5th anniversary coming up asked, would 
you like to come to London to celebrate. The answer was a big YES! 
Not only was there the chance to celebrate Mari Nakamura founder and 
head designer from Juliette et Justine but Mariko Suzuki from the 
Gothic Lolita Bible also

Mari Nakamura (left) and Mariko Suzuki 

but also the chance to greet other special guests such as the 
Gothic Lolita Bible. A (mook) that is the style bible hence its name.
The nice folks from the legendary publication were also in attendance 
for all to celebrate including their chief hair and makeup stylist
Akira Tanaka

WOW! This guy oozes style

OK. As I was shooting for the event and the girls, there are a lot
of images so I will try to blog more form the event throughout this week. 
Also check out flickr and the Lolita forums like LoligothUK

Enjoy the event images ^_^ 

This is Ovion from France posing for a picture. She wears a dress by 
hand made boots, her blouse is by Mary Magdalene, her bonnet is by 

This is the Manga artist Sonia Leong exercising her distinctly great
sense of style as well as working those amazing pins of hers


 The very cute Mariko Suzuki from Juliette et Justine 

This is super stylish male model Alex Boykitten Ramsey.
It's always a pleasure to photograph Alex as he has so many looks.
He works masculine and feminine seamlessly and is incredibly 
knowledgeable in the many sides of the increasingly Lolita fashion style 

 This is Amy from Hampton. She wears handmade dress of her own design, 
a vintage straw hat, shoes from Bodyline and a bag from a florist shop 
that's been modified.

a member of the Dunkelsüß Lolita Fashion Community.

This is the lovely Sandra Grimme of the German Dunkelsüß  
Lolita Fashion Community
It was so sweet seeing her get all emotional when she presented 
the designers a gift on behalf of the many Lolita fashion fans.

This stylish woman posing on steps is Kyra. Organiser of the entire event
and responsible for asking the two designers at Juliette et Justine
to celebrate their 5th anniversary in London with hundreds of Lolita's.

This is Charlie from London. She wears a bonnet by Peacockalorum, a
blouse by Innocent World, her dress and socks are by Juliette et Justine,

This is Naomi from Brighton. She wears a blouse by Alice and the Pirates,
her dress was designed by herself, vintage boots and the very cool headpiece
of horns she made herself.

Mari Nakamura (left) founder and head designer from Juliette et Justine
and Mariko Suzuki (right) from the Gothic Lolita Bible

 Japanese Street Style published by A&C Black 

Also available at Amazon.co.jp

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  1. Be careful! Sandra Grimme is not from the Belgium Community Dunkelsüß, but from the GERMAN one! :)