Wednesday, 19 September 2012



Hello everyone. Welcome back. This might not be the best or most 
conventional start but I'd like to start off with dumping some more of 
by baggage on you all. That is where we ended our last encounter 
so why not start as we mean to proceed. 

We met a young woman carrying this customized Louis Vuitton bag 

Next up was an encounter with this red Chloe Paraty bag

Then there was this large envelope clutch bag from JLo that thought 
it could escape my attention. Try as much as it did we had to approach 
its owner and ask for all the details so next time it's out there we've got 
the evidence of what it was getting up to and who it was with.
Regardless of all its attempts at stealth and camouflage with bling & ting.

Sorry folks. There was nowhere to turn to. You seemed the logical choice 
of where to off load it all. I know what you think but just couldn't help it. 
Will make it up to you all now. We know what you all like here. We know 
what you all really want. what you all really came here for.

Shoe Porn

OK then. Let's get you your fix of what you all want. 

First up is an impressive work of art I so want to add to my own collection.
This masterpiece is from the shoe master himself. Nicholas Kirkwood 
from his A/W 2012 collection. Question is when are they gonna be in 
my collection Nicholas? 

A very desirable item from our friends at Yves Saint Laurent.

These seriously exciting T-strap gems are from Marios Schwab from his 
A/W 2012 collection

These beauties are from the Tunisian Couturier Azzedine Alaia as you 
can see, they feature his famed lattice work in these peep toe shoe boots.

That's enough for now. I know how you all get when we feed you too much 
of his stuff. You all get way too excited, giddy and uncontrollable.

As many of you all know. This season's fashion week was a celebration 
of the lovably cute Minnie Mouse. Wandering around the streets in London
 around London Fashion Week many of you would have noticed a good 
number of people giving their own not the the cute one in red with the
funky big ears. Naturally this was carried to the catwalk in several collections.

This is Yu Matsui that incredibly funky Japanese guy you'll always see 
at London Fashion Week and other grand party based fashion events 
in London, This his celebration of Minnie Mouse.

It's all about the details with Yu and he never disappoints. This time is 
all about the hat and his amazing leather brown owl bag

 Japanese Street Style published by A&C Black 

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