Saturday, 12 November 2011


I went to Tokyo just fir a while. To play on the streets. To see the amazing style.
It's like a rive flowing through the streets. Some vastly apparent, other streets 
a less obvious more subtle concentration but a more intense showing or 
offering of that style or a totally different offering of style altogether. 
Style especially street style, is very geographic in Tokyo. Each district 
with its own unique offering and take on presentation and packaging.
From Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Ginza, Shimokitazowa and the others.
Like a giant department store. As you travel through you see many differing things
each and every one full of visual excitement but is it your particular style?
You travel to the department or floor that gives you what you want or seek.
That is unless like myself, it's not the end goal of finding what you like or want 
but the very experience of the journey and what you encounter along the way. 
It's the people you meet along that journey I enjoy.
Whatever their style from the extreme to the most subtle, the Gothic and 
the Lolita, the Visual Kei or Punk to the more gentle young teenage girls 
freshly initiated into the big wide world discovering her very own sense 
of style where it may be as soft and as delicate as she it showing off 
her first exposure to make yo or eyelashes and the multiple layering 
techniques of tops and t-shirts and skirts. It's ALL of interest to me.

So please join us here at JSTREETSTYLE on this journey through the 
streets of Tokyo. I wish I could share all the sights and sounds with you all 
but for now, please enjoy the images and the experience you have here.

Pat Lyttle 

Tomohiro poses for a picture on Takeshita Street in Harajuku in Tokyo.
He shows us his sense of style. Notice the subtleties like his watch.
In Harajuku, large watches are very cool among teenagers especially 
among girls. The larger the face the more cool and desirable to have.

A firm footing in black

"The Gentle Approach"
Imemia Iri from Chuguku poses for a picture on Omotosando in Harajuku, 
Tokyo wearing a jumper and skirt from Lisa Lisa with it's softer more 
diffused take on the Shibuya and Lolita style. She wears cute lace top 
socks and shoes from Lolita mega brand Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
This brand specializes in Sweet Lolita, a more softer look at the 
Lolita style that shot to fame outside of Japan in the western world 
after featuring hugely in the 2004 Japanese movie Kamikaze Girls or 
Shimotsuma Monogatari, its original Japanese title with Anna Tsuchiya
and Kyoko Fukada. Kyoko's character in the movie lived up north in 
the quiet valley town of Sendai. After the movies success, Sendai became 
a huge Mecca for Gothic Lolita and is often affectionately refereed to as
Lolia Central. Baby, as the brand is known among Japanese teenagers 
has a huge international following now. 
When you enter their shops you'll understand its appeal.

 Its all about the details and the subtleties
Painted nails in Lolita style. Tea party celebrations.
Dripping chocolate and cute strawberry cup cakes with cherries

Chocolate coloured shoes from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.

"A step up from the rest"
A teenage girl poses for a picture in Harajuku. She wears 
rocker shoes, a colourful skirt with under layer. The Japanese 
love affair with pretty socks expressed to perfection here with 
her stripy over knee hold up socks with lace tops.
I love her royal blue jacket and her retro headphones.

Baby. "Detail Extraordinaire"
More of the amazing work that goes into a dress or One piece as 
its referred to in Japan from Baby. pleasing colour pallets and the 
lacework of their brand logo embedded with lace hearts is perfection.
A key to unlock such beauty, simply inspired. 

Really nailing those details.

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