Thursday, 10 November 2011


Tokyo was wonderful in October. It's been very good weather recently 
so 25C was the norm most days and it was a pleasure to be out and about.
Here are a few of the images shot.

This is Musician Yuki Kokufuda (Yuqi) posing for a picture on Takeshita Street
in Harajuku, Tokyo wearing a vintage T-shirt, vintage Adidas jacket, 
leggings and her shoes by Melissa. This cute, tiny and colourfully dressed
little lady packs a big punch with her voice. She was lovely to talk with 
and I really hope we get to see more of her here on Jstreetstyle. 

She's fur real 

Tomaki and Toma pose for a picture on a hot sunny day on 
Takeshita Street in Harajuku, Tokyo. The two funsters had just 
finished shopping at Harajuku Chicago, the used clothing store.

It's hard work looking this cute and cool. Especially when its hot.
You'll be see a few more images of little cute and fluffy ones. 
If you need to be reborn if you believe in that sort of thing, then we highly recommend 
you come back as a cute dog and live in Japan.
In Tokyo and Osaka it truly is a dogs life with a dost of shops selling the 
most amazing designer pooch wear. Not only do you end up looking 
stylish and cute but transportation is first class. 
No we're not talking the Yamanote Sen or the Shinkansen but purpose built 
buggies solely for the transportation of little ones. Walking is not the done thing, 
So yesteryear and old school. More from our fluffy friends later.

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