Monday, 18 April 2011


It was the stuff of legends or so you'd have thought by the press and media reports. 
Soaring temperatures hottest it;a been in decades some even said. Newspapers! The reality was indeed it was a hot weekend last week and in London on Saturday 16th April 2011, it was actually hotter than Athens or most of Spain. What's the big deal. This weekend (the one following that mentioned) was also sunny and long may it last although we fear the reality may somewhat disappoint us with the usual unpredictable weather we have come to know in good old London. The point is that we relished and embraced strange gift of light and worth from the shiny object in the heavens above and London has been partying ever since, myself included.
I actually rook my camera out with me dusting off its cobwebs showed it what London can do in terms of street style.  Now granted ever since being back from Tokyo and Osaka way back in October after my much needed Fashion Week season workload and it was seriously intense. 
This was not only my first full free weekend non work related (the fashion job) all year and the first time since being back from Japan I've hot the street with Jstreetstyle in mind.

Why? you ask. How come?  

We're all here because we all share a passion for Japan and especially Japanese style street fashion. We all know Japan is the world leader in style on the street and we all agree the young Japanese teenagers are the most stylish people so after pounding the streets of Omotosando in Tokyo or around Ame Mura, its kind of difficult to get beck into the London Groove. London just doesn't compare. What London does do is on a great weekend like this and last it can give a good show of what style we have to offer. The irony of it is you ask any young Japanese teenager what they think is the best style and they always say the same thing. They say they think Londoners have the best sense to style. Now I'm not here to judge but to record and to share so you can form your own views and share those.
I just know it was good to have the irritatingly heavy and scary looking camera once more in my hands out on the street in good use and it felt good. Maybe I should do it some more.

Watch this space naturally. Here's what the weekend brought.

A young woman dressed in Kigurumi style spotted
at London's Brick Lane. This is a very popular trend
that started in Japan about a year ago

Akiko from Kichijoji in Tokyo wearing her floppy hat
from Colombia Road market

Sakiko from Kichijoji in Tokyo really getting into the 70s groove
wearing a chiffon floral top by Norma Kamari. corduroy jeans
and platform sandals, sunnies and Charlies Angels flick hairstyle

A few details

Skirting around the issue is not what we do here
but this is one cool looking dude in his skirt and

Cornelius wears a shirt by Vivienne Westwood
and trousers by Starling. Quintessentially British

Drew from Philadelphia USA wearing a vintage
Emanuel Ungaro jacket, Vintage T-shirt, Hermes belt.
  J-Brand jeans, Christian Louboutin studded loafers,
Nepalese jewelery and an Alexander Wang bag.

A design classic from Alexander Wang

Christian Louboutin loafers with Rock n Roll attitude

Laura from Toronto Canada wearing Prada cat eye sunglasses,
A Betsy  Johnson jacket, a vintage polka dot dress
and a Ride Me necklace. Her boots are men's desert boots

Prada Sunglasses. Meow Miu

Well. Speaks for itself doesn't it. Way cool.

Yumi from Shibuya in Tokyo sports the Date Megane look,
truly epidemic in Tokyo but seen here with the aid of her vintage
Christian Dior glasses. Date Megane refers to a fashion trend
based on a character wearing over sized glasses with no lens

Lotta from Japan dressed in 1950s style.
Isn't she the most lovable

Constanza from Chile wearing a dress by Victim

Four little ladies from Tokyo just happen to cross my path
They stopped and posed for a picture, just for a laugh.

Jump for joy. More of the same ploy. This time with five
trying to jump high into the sky. Don't ask me why.

It's time for some footage.
We know you all like this feature so here's today's offering

Platform sandals with very pretty lace detail

More of the same but in a different vein

Close up of a pair of 1920s inspired shoes from Office

Actress Marie from Chiba Japan
wearing a Liberty print shirt and a denim jumpsuit

Ending for now with this rather handsome
young Japanese lad dressed in fur.
A very cute dog by the name of Hiro.

More from Jstreetstyle later. Keep it here.

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