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I know you're all thinking this is a bit different from the norm Pat, but it's more the other arm of my work. The side I mention from time to time working with major fashion brands and the girls from the press office of the London flagship store of Dolce & Gabbana invited me to attend their bloggers night. A big party as part of a global initiative that kicked off naturally in Milan, inviting bloggers to dress their store window as they see fit using the spring summer 2011 collection with all the amazing lace items the two lads created for this season.

We all know and love the collection. Black and white lace, flipping on the head all last seasons work with the theme of black. This time the lads went with white. Remember there classic catwalk finale with all the models adorned in that a amazing and classic look? 30 women in white dresses and jackets, no skirts or trousers on view, just white and a sea of legs flowing down the catwalk in Milan on a September afternoon. Look up the video.  All the other looks from designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are there, the black, the red satin and silks, the corsets, the animal prints, their amazing bags. All the candy any girl could ever dream of as an arsenal for the bloggers style the store windows.

The thing about styling is to sometimes give an alternate view or vision of what suits or compliments. Designers say this is our vision of what our ideal woman should be wearing only to find the buyers from the big stores play safe and don't  pick the key killer pieces the press raves about, or the women on the street wear the pieces totally in a different way to what the designers intended some even customizing in a way the designers would never dream of. We all know this happens allot on the streets of Tokyo or Osaka in Japan.
The point is, this is a good thing for the likes of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. 
To get an alternate view and bloggers do that very well.

The bloggers were:

Sasha Wilkins /  Liberty London Girl
 Carrie Harwood /  Wish Wish Wish
Lois Waller /  Bunni Punch
Marion Kihogo /  Marion Kihogo
Maddison Rothery /  Fiction Living
Bip Ling /  Bip Ling

The lovely and leggy Chandni and darling Ruthie from the press office worked their magic and asked a few of their friends to pop along to help make the part swing that much more which it certainly did.

Here are some images from the event. Well done girls. Many thanks.

Blogger Bip Ling

Marian Kihogo

Liberty London Girl Sasha Wilkins

Our lacy affair with these pretty shoes in black 

The lovely Carrie Harwood

Fashion designer Star Yixuan Hu

A vision of beauty just like her designs

Attractive socialite Hofit Golan.
Never one to miss a good gig and it was good

Pixie Geldof with a Miss Sicily tote bag

Stunning singer Alexandra Burke

Another beauty was model Portia Freeman 

Arm and foot candy on show from the SS 2011 collection

The girls that made this all happen.
Ruth on the left & Chandni on the right

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