Friday, 13 May 2011


Lolita in Wonderland was a great success. The event was
held at the Resistance Gallery in the East End of London
to celebrate the passion for the Japanese fashion trend 
of Gothic Lolita style by many people within the UK that
 enjoy this extremely visual and beautiful fashion trend 
that ironically takes its inspiration from European and 
historic culture. Many of the key and major brands that 
produce these amazing items of visually colourful styles 
have European names. Saying them in English however
when in Japan causes many issues with being understood 
as many young Japanese teenagers pronounce these
European names differently to us westerners but the main
issue here is that we all share the same passion for this
beautiful fashion trend regardless of our geographical
placements or our native language. We all love EGL

Model Alex "Boykitten" Ramsay. The event organizer
and fan of the Gothic Lolita fashion trend.

Two Sweet Lolita fans with the same dress. One of the 
big things about this trend is brand identity and its prints.
Usually around the bottom of a dress or skirt is an original
print. These can often be cute items from a tea party.

There's nothing more sweet than pretty shoes on your feet.

Fashion designer Miwa Vicari from Princess Miwary
I've always been a fan of her designs and her style

A good example of Kodona style Lolita, where a woman
will dress in a masculine Dandy style. 

Some of the girls that dressed up in Gothic Lolita style

Classic and popular Seifuku style of Japanese high School
uniform that has also become a fashion trend.

A good example of fetish style also enjoyed by many 
Japanese teenagers who enjoy strong visual styles.

Random picture you think but it's actually one of the 
art exhibits at the Resistance Gallery Lolita event

Two British teenagers very much into Sweet Lolita style

London teenager Jess in one of the most popular styles
of Sweet Lolita fashion using voluminous wigs

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