Monday, 12 January 2015


Hey! Forget the flute. It’s all about the suit. With the first outing of fashion 
sprinkled upon the capital London for 2015 being London Collections Men, 
there were was a buzz in the air and around the streets of central London.
 Men and women both dressed with a dapper sense could be spotted in 
abundance. Various fashion shows took place at an assortment of locations 
resulting in an increase in taxi rides no doubt. Cabbies keen to try out
 their key phrase, “Guess who I had in the back of my cab the other day?” 
were all smiles with the increase of trade. Talking of trade, for the BFC
 the British Fashion Council, London Collections Men it's an affair they 
only wish they’d cooked up earlier. 

No one much cared about Menswear fashion for so long and even in a 
place such as London, steeped in its vast pool of heritage, a global reputation 
for style excelence with the many establishments of Jermyn Street and 
Savile Row, Menswear was pretty much a whispered word, but no longer.
With a rebranding and a vast injection energy and enthusiasum LCM 
has made the word menswear not only a respectable one, but one of
 excitement. Bloggers travel from across the globe to get a taste of 
London’t street style offerings. Granted we may not have the sunshine of 
Milan’s streets and London tends to look grey, overcast, and there’s 
that permanent wet cobbled street etiquette to get ones head around 
let alone navigate, the fact is, LCM has gained momentum and now has a 
reputation as something worth looking forward to for some good style 
watching, not to mention the cash injection to the industry the event brings.

Thanks BFC. Keep it coming.

So whistle and flutes, yes, lots of suits. First up is an example of some of 
the many style offerings revolving the suit spotted during the 4 day event.
JSTREETSYLE will bring you images of some of the movers and shakers 
in the world of fashion as well as the every day people on the streets of 
London, like your very selves. 

This is fashion blogger Toni Tran of Fashitecs spotted at London Collections 
Men on Jan 10th 2015. He wears a suit and tie by Reiss with a Louis Vuitton 
bag, a coat from Rockit Vintage and shoes by Dolce & Gabbana.
Here is Toni Tran again at LCM on Jan 11th 2015. He wears a suit of his 
own design, a Burberry shirt with trousers by Rockit Vintage and 
Brogue shoes by Russell & Bromley with a bag by Aspinal of London.

This is Sava Lonut Daniel from Bucharest Romania spotted arriving to a 
fashion show at LCM. He was spotted wearing a suit by Florin Dobre 
with shoes by John Winter and his signature look of long dreadlocks.


This increadbly stylish woman arriving to a show in a rather dapper manner
is Sarah Ann Murray. The beautiful Fashion Editor of The Rake
Always spotted in suit. On this occation we see her in a vintage tweed 
suit with scarf and hat. Look closely at how she presents herself as an 
exemplorary specimin of British style. Look at the details. The cuffs, the 
watch, her shoes, the colour pallet. Perfect in every way. 

More imagery to follow. 

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