Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Bringing you more street style and young fashion from Tokyo and Osaka in the 
super sizzling hot sunshine summer of 2014

This is Ayuka from Tochigi-ken spotted in Harajuku, Tokyo posing for a picture. 
The fun loving teenager wears a top by We Go, with harness by Meed and shorts 
by Glad news and platform shoes by Hew and Viper. 


This is Temonia from kanagawa Japan spotted on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku, Tokyo in July. 
She wears a non branded white top with statement jewellery and tassel cut hot pants by 
Black Mean.

This is Monroe from Kamakura, Japan who we spotted in Harajuku, Tokyo 
one day in July. She wears an NFL Eagles top from Funktique, with circle 
sunglasses, a sheer skirt by Bubbles Tokyo and an MCM bag.

This is Rina Sakurai spotted in Amerikamura in Osaka, Japan on July 21st 2014 posing 
for a picture wearing shoes by Sugar, bag by Samantha Tanetha and a dress by Rilexi.
So who was teh strange gaijin interested in fashion and her sense of style she was 
thinking? Well we now know for a this is exactly what Rina was thinking. 
Check out  her blog entry here

 Check out her amazing nail work

This is Daisuke spotted in Harajuku. He wears an entire look by KTZ.
The seriously cool UK based brand that has a great love and understanding of 
street style and street wear. Daisuke is an ardent fan with some 20 or so pieces 
within his collection. We spotted him wearing Kokon To Zai on every occation 
we saw him. Check out his hand harness, cuff necklace.

Lots more street style action to follow.  JSTREETSTYLE

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