Saturday, 29 March 2014


This is Amy from Tokyo spotted on Omotesando. She wears a vintage Top she got
 from Nakameguro, she wears it with denim shorts and a Balenciaga handbag.  

Don't you just love her pretty red platfom shoes with buckled strap detail.

So what's the hold up?

Look! No hands. 

Notice the T-shirt this cute fun loving teenager is wearing? She's wearing a spoof 
brand logo which is all the buzz these days especially with with celebrities all 
wearing spoof fashion brand T-shirts or sweatshirt tops. 
So what is your choice, Coca Cola or Ciao Ciao? We know which one we prefer.

This is Nishiki from Tokyo spotted on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku Tokyo on a hot and sunny 
day in June 2013. She wears the masculine form of Lolita style often refered to as Kodona 
in the west but in Japan called Ouji. Her outfit is by the brand Alice And The Pirates.

I love this style. The whole masciline feminine mix up thing has always facinated me and 
I have watching women dress in menswear. When you watch a fashion show by designer 
Ralph Lauren during New York Fashion Week, it's always the models that wear his amazing
fine British inspired fine tailored trouser suits that are the best looks of his collection.
We like how Nishiki works this fine young prince look.

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