Friday, 28 March 2014


Working and being in the world of fashion is a very exciting thing I'm sure many of you will
agree. So much so I feel I've got so wrapped up in it all with all those mega fashion brands
and all the exciting visual candy they output and generate. Being at fashion week like in
London or at Paris can be very overwhelming. It's easy to loose direction. Somehow I feel
I have done that somewhat of lately so I thought I'd go back the the heart of things.
My love for street fashion and style started many many moons ago an a visit to Japan.
Though everyday I'm relating to all those big name brands most people know of, my
passion is really for this stuff you see here. The young teenagers you see roaming around
on the streets of Harajuku and Shibuya in Tokyo or in Namba and Ame Mura in Osaka.

So back to the heart of things for a white.  I little rest from high fashion I believe is required.
Long overdue I'm hearing a lot of you saying. You may be correct, but I enjoy it all and
like I said, you get so wrapped up in it all when you're a visual being and the whole point
of this blog is to express my passion for what I see and enjoy and most importantly,
the need to share it with you all. So we've dipped into the vast vaults of Tokyo images
stockpiled to bring you some of the excitement we saw in Tokyo last summer.

This is Minori. An amazing young woman living in Tokyo we bumped into.
Minori is a Shironuri artist and a very good one. For those who not in the know, Shironuri is 
the art of white face make up. Imagine the make up of a traditional Japanese Geisha 
or Maiko with their white face. Now push that to the extreme with western make up
 enhancements like dcorative fake lashes and eye shaddow. There is a growing interest 
in this extreme form of make up and style but this woman is possibly one of the best 
artist there is in this genre.

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