Monday, 24 February 2014


Go to the home of London Fashion Week, or be eagle eyed all over London,
where the fashion brigade come to town and chances are there will be models, 
bloggers, journalist, stylist and a whole cornucopia of the fashion elite on 
display in any one area. There are staples in the world of fashion. Key items 
that tick the boxes of acceptance into the halls of the fashion world. 
A more public version if you will of the Chambre syndicale but the rules here 
are forged on the fly or more importantly, on the street. 

One of the key items of acceptance into this fashion fraternity is a very special bag. 
The models favorite, the Celine Boston bag as seen above in this image at the recent 
LFW A/W 2014 home of the BFC space, partnered with a pair of shoes by Balenciaga. 
 This is Vivi from China. She wears Kenzo trousers with platform shoes 
by Celine. The biker jacket is one of the big trends and looks for the fall season.
A continuation of the popular floral biker jacket for this spring and summer, 
but the new season look will be more raw and authentic as seen here.

Vivi going postal! 

What's your concept of a pair of high heel shoes? Could it look like these?
These are Concept shoes by Tripped. A German brand with a distinctive look.

Hey twinkle toes. Enjoying the sun in your Balenciaga boots?

This is Hannah from Brighton spotted on day 2 of London Fashion Week. 
She wears coat and bag both by Zara, a Choice jumper, Topshop collots 
with high heel sandals by Sophia Webster.

 One of the big hits of the week. Shoes by London fave Sophia Webster.
Her presentation was just what you'd expect of the UK designer. An explosion 
of bright colours dancing around. Lots of lattice work, fun, playfulness and 
cuteness in every piece on display. Even the sets and the models perfectly 
showcased everything you could every want from a classic pair of her shoes.

This is the beautiful Lane Crawford fashion buyer Tiffany Hsu on day 3
of London Fashion Week. The lady in red.


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