Saturday, 22 February 2014


Some of the exciting visual treats of London Fashion Week A/W 2014. Foot candy
on the cobbled streets of London. That's what Fashion Week is all about in London.
Well a big part of it is. A civilised approach to the event, more laid back, much calmer
where the excitement is not the event it self or its people, but in the items themselves.
They do all the talking, They make the statements, they stand out and do their thing.

You just sit back and enjoy as you have a cup of tea or a nice chat while you watch
 the proceedings about you.
One of the essential skills is to master the art of parading and navigating the historically cobbled streets
 of London in a fine pair of heels. The more fierce or sophisticated the better, whichever side
you lean towards. Both hold equal amounts of stimulation in visual excitement.
We're not here to dictate which we believe you should follow like some do.
Follow your own heart. It should be pounding like crazy from time to time and
you'll have some idea of the reason for its erratic behavior and if you should bow to it or not.

We hope this pair of beauties can work their magic on you too. JSTREETSTYLE

A pair a black beauties. Stunning shape and from from a pair of ankle boots from 
Sergio Rossi. We love how the tiny crystals trail blaze around the shoe. 
These are a true work of art. That's what we all love about these items don't we. 
Shoes. They are the most amazing visual form of functional contemporary art.
  These are worthy of any good collection. How many of you out there have an 
art collection with such beautiful items like these? Stunning black beauties.

 Japanese Street Style published by A&C Black 

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A sample of my book can be viewed here

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