Sunday, 2 June 2013


Summer and the sun

They say absense makes the heart grow fonder. I'll apologise firstly 
for that absense. It has been a while but the weather has been ever so 
dreary. All one wants to do or rather is forced to do when its so cold,
wet and the sun goes on a long vacation is to hybernate. 
But the big shiny thing up in the heavens came out to play this weekend, 
and so with that the camera came out too bring a little fun with the sun.

Hopefully over the next few months especially July and August, you'll 
be tuning in here on a daily basis not wishng to miss a single thing. 
It will be very bright and colourful here at JSTREETSTYLE  and things 
will most certainly be stylish and funky with the Japanese flavours you 
all love and have been craving for.  So watch this space. 

Hat a Girl

We found this funly thing in her bling cap with some friends of hers in 
Camden Market. Peace girls. An offensive of kindness to you all.

The dapper chap

This is Shinya from Osaka Japan spotted on London's Carnaby Street 
looking very dapper. He wears vintage clothing with great style.

Just can't cope because he's well dope.   A custom job baseball cap.

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