Sunday, 30 June 2013


This is Ayumi from Kanagawa spotted in Harajuku in Tokyo. She wears a 
denim patchwork jacket, bag and blouse all used. Her red skirt is by Page Boy
With used sneakers by Nike. Many of you will know, used clothing is a really 
big deal in Japan. Teenagers love them. Affordable and great to coordinate. 
Most inportanly though. They're cool. Ayumi made me laugh.

This is teenager Yoshin from Chiba spotted in Harajuku in Tokyo on a 
wet and rainy summer day in June. She wears a blouse and trousers 
from Gina with cool platform shoes.

 Here's a very cool looking young man spotted in Harajuku, Tokyo in June. 
He wears trousers by Takashi Nishiyama with a white shirt, a bag by 
Margiela for H&M and boots by vinylist bizarre.

This is teenager Yuka from Fukushima spotted in Harajuku, Tokyo on a wet 
and rainy summer day in June. She wears a dress she made herself with 
a jacket by Jane Marple, a Vivienne Westwood bag and shoes from London

 In Japan these are called Rain Shoes. There's a whole fashion scene with them.
Next post will be Rain Shoe fashion.

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