Monday, 12 November 2012



November on the streets of London is wet, gray and cold. However 
there are people out there who bring colour, delight and infuse much 
style onto the streets. This week we took a look at London's famed 
Brick Lane. Tokyo has Harajuku, Omotosando, Shibuya and other areas
and Hoxton and Brick Lane are some of where you can go to do some 
fine people watching on a weekend afternoon. 

So here are this weekend's visual proceedings.

 This is Taka from Tokyo Japan, an art student living in Cambridge visiting 
London's Brick Lane on a Sunday afternoon.  He wears a vintage red tartan 
jacket matched with customised trousers originally from Jigsaw
His shoes are from Clarks and his steam punk style glasses are vintage 
from a shop in Tokyo.


 Hurley burly curly whirly

This is Yoshiyo from Yamanashi in the Kanto area of Japan at London's 
Brick Lane on a Sunday afternoon. He's a hairdresser working in the area. 
Yoshiyo wears a hat, shirt, trousers and shoes that are all vintage.

This is Wen from China spotted at London's Brick Lane on a Sunday 
afternoon. She wears a red cat hat, a vintage shirt, a jacket from Moncler 
with Comme de Garcons, her bag is a Bil bao from Issey Miyaki and her 
shoes are by Valentino

crystal studded patent leather loafer shoes are by Valentino

 A couple of happy characters


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