Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Almost December. Where on earth did the rest of the year go to?
Remember the start of the year as if it were last week. It certainly 
seemed like it was. Then there was the S word that in the UK especially 
in London, we laughingly refer to as summer. Now that surly was 
last week. How is it that December is but a few days away!

So down to the lane again we go to play. So what's on the menue 
for you all today I hear you say. First up are two servings of streetstyle 
from China. One is high fashion the other clearly taking its influence 
from the streets of Tokyo and beyond.

This is Sabrina from Sichuan Provence of China. She wears vintage floppy hat, 
a wing tipped shirt from Zara, jumper from Coast, a globe pendent on a chain from 
Vivienne Westwood, a coat from Chloe her skirt is from American Apparel
socks from H&M with shoes that are penny loafers from Tod's and her tote bag
 is from Prada

Loafers from Tod's 

Blue is the colour. Prada is the name. 

Next up from China

This is Scarlet from China. She wears a vintage scarf as a shawl, 
Her shoes are from Japanese brand Tokyo Bopper and her dress is from 


Cool funky platforms from Tokyo Bopper 

It's been a long time

We last came cross this cute lass from Tokyo many many moons ago.
She doesn't look a day older. Still funky with her smile to accompany her 
sense of style. 

This uber cool Taka from Nagano Japan. We bumped into him a short while 
back at Spittlefield Market. We LOVE his style

Notice the details. His awesome leather bag. The Belt. And then !

 There are these amazing bespoke shoes of his from Kimura Daita 
You can purchase these from The Old Curiosity Shop

 Japanese Street Style published by A&C Black 

Also available at Amazon.co.jp

A sample of my book can be viewed here

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