Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Hi all, sorry for the absence. It has indeed been a while since I last 
made a post but I just haven't had a free moment.
However I was invited to attend an event called JPOP Go
In the past these nice folks threw a great bash that got people from 
all over the UK together with their interest in Japanese music be it 
J-Rock, J-Urban, Anime grooves and J-Pop. 
They also brought over cool acts from Japan and performers here in 
the UK that did their bit fr flying the flag, the Anglo Japanese one.

Then they went walkies. Where, I don't know but they're back.
That's all I know and so along I went to listen to Jpop grooves.

Being located on London's Brick Lane, one of my fave old haunts 
I spent a short while on the street checking out the people.
As you all know I've not really been there much since being back 
from my last visit to Tokyo. I guess I'm still acclimatized to
Japanese style on Omotosando rather than the streets of London.
So getting back into the groove is what I did and I did get 
some lucky shots so I'll share those with you now.

Grand Designs

Gyaruo on the streets of London. Bit far from Shibuya but you never 
know what you'll come across so always keep an open mind 
and a very keen eye while people watching on the streets of London.

Cuteness and Joy

This is the lovely Yuck from Yokohama. Dressed in Lolita style.
She wears Dolly Rocker shoes from Tokyo Bopper blouse and 
cherry socks are both from Laforet in Harajuku. a bag by Lolita brand 
Jane Marple Her dress is all of her own creation by her very self.

On the right is Do do. I just found some pics of her taken way back when 
she was oh so super cute and kawaii, now she's all grown up.
Star clip: 6%dokidoki an incredible shop I highly recommend you check out
for all that is super cute and fun like the staff there and their crazy tunes.
Cardigan: Vivienne Westwood. Skirts from Bodyline and Socks: Chantilly.
On the left is Finlay who owns the most amazing legs. Anyway!
Her Hat: hand-made, Choker: Ebay, Jacket: Lovely Style, Corset: Rose Melody
Petticoat: Classical Puppets Garters: Noctex  Socks: Chantilly and shoes Ebay.

She's so cute, Cho Kawaii, can't be just me, am sure you'll agree ^_ ^

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