Tuesday, 15 May 2012


As some of you may know, have seen the media publicity or have 
even dared to cast eyes ones upon my rather humble attempts as 
a scribe, recently the Victoria & Albert Museum or V&A as it is 
affectionately referred to has a rather special exhibition on at the 
 Part of that exhibition encompasses a smaller one titled 

Which explores the influences of Britain on Lolita style, 
the Japanese street fashion trend and style that is growing in popularity
 outside of Japan and showcases some of the various sub styles and 
brands involved in Lolita fashion. 

In our last post we shared some images form the rather special day 
where Lolita fashion fans from all around the UK gathered together 
for a meet up, the largest the UK has ever seen of Lolita fashion fans.

Here are some more images from that special day to share with you. 

Image heavy warning!

 You lot can sit about or stand around all day. To hell with that. 
I'm off to play.  A chibi chan steels the show at the grand photo-shoot.

Oh how we love these pretty shoes and cherry tights.
Seriously fruity and a real delight. 

Alex Boy kitten and Kyra

Little Red Riding Hood thought she could run off and escape all 
the fun and excitement. Fortunately we caught up with her before 
the big bad miserable London weather got to her.

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