Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Hi everyone, it's been a long while since I've been here, Sorry for the absence. 
Work is crazy busy and will only get more so with the big festivals Cannes
and Venice with all its red carpet fashion and style to keep me occupied.
But what's been keeping me occupied of late is the company of the girls.
My Best friend Noriko came to London for a few weeks so I had to have 
time to play catch up and play dress up. Well the latter she did. Hopefully 
those fun memories will last her a good while. More girls followed with 
the lovely Junko and her friend Minori. A big thanks to you both for all the 
fun I had and watching you both having fun playing dress up too.

OK so what you missed by flying in to town a few hours too late 
I will share with you now and with everyone else as it was so amazing.

On Saturday the 5th May 2012 from all across the UK from every direction
Lolitas stared to surface in London. At around 11.30 reports stared being 
treated serious, more were being spotted and by 12 midday South Kensington
train station had around 100 Lolitas all dressed in their finest frills on a cloudy,
wet, London day.  What transpired after investigation and much interest 
from the most curious public was that these girls and boys were on one 
of their meet ups but not like any other was this one. This was the largest  
one the UK has ever seen. 

So what was it all about you ask?  Kitty and the Bulldog 

The nice folks at the world famous Victoria & Albert Museum have a very
cool and new exhibition highlighting the Japanese street fashion trend 
that is Lolita style. There has always been a strong love affair with fashion 
at the V&A museum, so for them to curate something special related 
to not mainstream fashion but street fashion from Japan is a big deal.
Turns out to be quite interesting also as some of you will know that 
there is some significant British influence in the Lolita fashion scene 
and this is the very thing that is explored and showcased in this exhibition.
Victoriana, Gothic and Punk are all staples of Lolita style and many of 
the well known Japanese brands take great inspiration from UK historical style.
The exhibition showed some of the different styles of Lolita fashion and
 It is actually part of a greater exhibition on show entitled 

So on mass almost 150 Lolitas were at the V&A. It was a real site and one 
that was great fun to be along. Passing kiddies eyes wide popping with 
excitement at the many pretty frilly dresses and bright colours of the 
Sweet Lolitas while the intricate detail and lace work, bonnets, Victorian 
and Goth influences in the Classic and Gothic Lolitas courted much
interest from many of the adults. I myself was asked by so many women
curious about the dresses and the styles.  What was this all about?
Where do the girls get their dresses and outfits?
Do some of them make their own? Do they dress like this all the time?
There was a sense of curiosity, excitement and even envy.

This was one of the most fun times I have had with these girls and guys
and just the concept alone of seeing a sea of friendliness and frills taking 
over vast amounts of the museum like a silent and cute form of rebellion 
was perfect and fitting homage to Japanese street style fashion as 
what is more rebellious than being just a humble teenager?
In Japan rebellion is a silent and creative endeavor, especially when it 
comes to fashion and especially street fashion. Silent provocative subversion 
through a strong sense of style and creativity. This is what took place
at the V&A on Saturday, fusing and uniting Japan and the UK in a way 
many adults and politicians could only dream of. Pure, simple, inspirational 
and not forgetting most importantly, fun. You've got to admire that surely. 
I think on Saturday many a set of eyes did exactingly that. 

Here are some of the images I shot:

Let's take the tube someone said. So they did, They took over the lot.

Yes there was even a chibi Loli who stole the show and our hearts. 

Doudou looking great as she always does


Fascinating Ada. 

I've not seen Jess in a while.  
She gives us her twist on her Lolita style

See! There are even guys and don't they look great.

Good golly It's raining Lolis

A beautiful finish to this set.

More images from the event to follow Monday night

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