Monday, 2 April 2012


Mami poses for a picture in her Shibuya Gyaru style wearing 
a top by D.I.A. bag by Balenciaga, Denim Shorts with lace up 
thigh high boots. Her partner Taiki wears a top by 
Ghost of Harlem, denim jeans with shoes by Don Quijote

 Mami shows us her nails art

Details of Mami’s Balenciaga bag, shorts and belt by D.I.A. 

Lace up leather boots

Kazu is smartly dressed. I love his style. He wears a kilt and trousers 
by Engineered Garments by designer Daiki Suzuki. Jacket by 
Tyson of Cleen, a hat by A Child of Jarrow.

Designer Naoto Hirooka of internationally acclaimed 
Gothic and Lolita brand h. Naoto poses for a picture at his 
Harajuku store during Fashion Week

The main man

 Japanese Street Style published by A&C Black

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  1. Mami looks amazing! And she has that super popular d.i.a. belt which I love :)

    Great blog!!