Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Getting hyper about Japan is something many of you know is an
 easy thing for me to do. Well last weekend not only myself
 but many of you yourselves, took a trip up to London's Earls Court
Exhibition Centre so you could get all excited and hyper about Japan
and that you all most certainly did. 

It was loud, fast, bright and colourful. If f I left anything out just fill
 in the gaps please. I dragged the old camera out,the one that is so big
 it scares people away generally.
The same one that fails to accurately record what's there but is so
 keen to show me its favorite colours, the ones it seems to see
 everywhere, green and red so please forgive the colours, I'm sure
many of you have become accustomed 
to them by now in viewing my images. I hope the few images 
I managed to capture have a manner of excitement about them.
I know many of you enjoyed yourselves.

 Kylie (left) and Rachel (right)  both dresses in Fairy Kei 
style at Hyper Japan in London.

This is Sachiko.
As long as I can remember see her at various events, 
dressing in Decora style is something she's always done.
As you can see, she does it really well.

 And yes, she really does have the Japanese name Sachiko
with the meaning for Happy child.

More to get hyper about. This is Reika.
She's dressed in Kimo Loli or Wa Loli style. (Kimono Lolita style)
This seems to be growing in popularity recently in Tokyo.
Maybe it has something to do with a new or popular Anime 
or Manga currently out. Naturally a great source for inspiring 
being a visual both a beacon and a conduit for expressive 
young teenagers whole nothing more than chopping up the old 
and fusing it with the new to create something entirely unique.

Reika works this look incredibly well I think. What do you think? 

Finishing up where I'm happiest. Fashion on the streets.

Japanese Street Style published by A&C Black

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