Monday, 30 January 2012


A young man poses for a picture on Omotosando in Tokyo’s
Harajuku district. He has a very unique sense of style
that I admire. Innovation and inspiration are at work here 
with shoes created by his own hands. Why be plain when 
you can stand out and be counted among the many. 

  Ayaka from Kanagawa (left) with her bag by Creamy Mami
and her friend Hikaru (right) with her Vintage fur hat, 
dress by Lolita and a Balenciaga bag. Both were spotted 
shopping on Omotosando in Harajuku in Tokyo.

Izumi and her friend both stylishly dressed in used or 
second hand clothing. Their theme is Oriental. 
One being Chinese inspired, the other Japanese. 
Vintage shoes and a leather clutch bag complete his look.

Japanese Street Style by A&C Black

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