Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Two teenage girls pose for a picture in front of the legendary 
Shibuya style Mecca the 109. Five floors of fashion heaven 
aimed primarily at women. These two girls wear a tamed 
version of the Shibuya Gyaru style that would normally have 
girls with longer legs and long or super flowing curls of blond hair.

Two teenage girls pose for a picture while on a visit to 
Takeshita Dori in Tokyo’s Harajuku district. Making the popular 
peace sign, they are dressed in modified school uniform,  
replacing legwarmers or knee high socks for stockings or 
hold ups and suspenders do go with their tartan skirts. 
Their bags are adorned with a multitude of cuteness. 
This is a style tribe in itself but is one of fun and playfulness. 
Older teenagers tend however wish to push the look much further.

Japanese Street Style by A&C Black

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