Wednesday, 7 December 2011



Saori Times Two

This is the Saori you already know. Saori Takemura from Gunma
prefecture. This one is very close to my, heart like many of you.
She's the uber stylish shop girl from the Vintage fashion shop
Haight and Ashbury in Tokyo's Shimokitazawa district.
As usual she's really working it with some of the many vintage
items from the shops collection. Here she models a one-piece
mini dress or LBD with tights and purple Mary Jane's.

Here's another one. Let me introduce you to the other Saori.
Sadly I don't have her full name but you you see this or
you know her, please, please, please gt in touch.

I met this woman first on Takeshita Dori in Tokyo's Harajuku
district. Dressed in Chanel with a little light shopping at said
brands store, she oozes style and has a big, bright character.
A tiny little thing up close but she really packs a mighty punch
with her sense of style. We had a chat, I shot a few images
and I was left thinking like any photographer. WOW!
Please god if only I had more time or I could see her again.

A week or so later, while walking the streets of Tokyo's
Shibuya district this time, what do I see standing out
from the sea of amazingly dressed people crossing from
the 109 fashion super Store towards Shibuya station.
The uber stylish Saori. They are both stylish but this one
has a liking for the super brands. I asked not the questions
I aught to of possibly. I was just happy to see her again for
in a different land, different day and town what were the odds?

We chat, she laughs, she rocks.
She agrees to let me take a few more pics so back we go
across the many stripes of the famed Shibuya crossing,
back towards the 109 or Ichi Maru Kyu as it's known but the
cool in Tokyo. The camera is out and so too are the security.
So we head around the corner of the store. A crown builds
behind me watching the proceedings, They love her and you
can see why. This time Saori is dressed in Dolce & Gabbana.
Their classic monochrome tuxedo suit, the amazing Miss Sicily
Tote bag in leopard print, a purchase of only a few hour ago.
She throws in more wild feline accents with a pair of super
high heels. The crowd claps and cheers. WOW!

Saori. Please get in touch. We need to do this again.
You've got fans now.

  Two young women pose for a picture in Harajuku Tokyo. 
They both wear vintage kimono with used/second hand clothes
as their style theme.

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