Friday, 16 December 2011


Tokyo Street Style 

Haruka poses for a picture in Shibuya Tokyo by the steps 
of the 109. She wears a sequin mini dress with a vintage 
silk collar. Her tights and shoes are from a used or second
hand fashion shop. Haruka is a sales assistant at the stylish 
vintage shop "Barrack Room" in Shibuya. 
 The shop is so tiny, with not enough space to swing a cat 
as the saying goes but within its tiny space tucked away 
in a back street, is an Alain's Cave packed full of Vintage gems.
Hats, Victoriana, quirky items, unusual furs or shoes..
The decor makes you feel as if you're a child on a journey 
trying to spot something new every five seconds.
Honeycomb structure, Angels wings, sculptures, the most
unusual seat beckoning you to try it out for good measure.
It's all good at the Barrack Room. An amazing and an eclectic 
mix of fashion items to interest most vintage fashion fans 
with an interest in the Avant Garde. The staff, Haruka and 
her colleague Hiro were helpful and kind, welcoming of the foreigner 
that had walked through their door. 

I can highly recommend this shop especially if you've had 
enough of the mass high street, or mega brand shops burried 
within a glass forest known as a shopping mall or arcade.
To find a shop that has a genuine and unique personality 
to go along with your shopping experience is rare these days 
but I urge you all to try and visit this shop.

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