Monday, 14 November 2011


Wandering around on the streets of Harajuku I stumbled upon a cute girl.

Komamiki was her name. Dressed in in fun and playful colours.
Turns out she was one of the staff from that amazing shop called 
A kaleidoscopic sense of colour is what you get when you climb 
the steps and enter the shop. The staff that work there all have a
distinctive style. Some are well known style icons themselves, frequently 
appearing in the multitude of street fashion or street snap magazines
available on the shelves to the fans of the genre, which in Tokyo's 
Harajuku district is just about most people.
The girls at 6% DokiDoki all dress in a style you're drawn to. 
Especially if you're a young Japanese teenager hungry for self expression 
and keen to be viewed as fashionable in Tokyo's most fashionable area.
Some of the girls took part in a World tour earlier last year in London called 
the Harajuku Kawaii Experience
They came to the Japan Art Festival and I was fortunate to
be able to take some very special pictures of the girls in all their 
colourfully visual glory. It was a treat to see Komamiki and I hope I get 
the opportunity to do a photo shoot with the girls in Tokyo sometime.

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