Saturday, 24 September 2011


A few more images to share with you all from Fashion Week in London.

 Wallice ( Left ) from Hong Kong rocking the masculine look. 
Her friend Irene ( Right ) wears Dennis Howell trousers and
Comme des Garcons jacket and shoes.


Jason Yao Yao wearing Vivienne Westwood

 Just so we're crystal, these belong to Jason.

Models, DJs and performance artists with a unique 
look and style

Seeing RED?
It's all good when they're heels from Christian Louboutin.
The shoe master. Who says gangs are all negative violent.
There's a specific gang culture out there and its colours are 
heels with a distinct lick of red paint up the back.
Are not these a thing of beauty fused with a menacing slant. 
You could indeed do some damage in these but these gang members
like nothing more than to command respect of their sense of style.
Personally though, I wouldn't entertain the thought of messing
with one of these gang members. They have the upper hand 
and can easily stamp out anything you can dish out.


Classic Japanese beauty

 Simone from Italy wearing a dress by Eric Vistra, 
and a Balenciaga bag with platform shoes by Versace

 Wand to get spotted? This is how you do it.

 Model Behaviour

Japanese style Date Megane ( glasses with no lens )

 Stella Vision

Stylist Karina shares with us her passion 
for the 1950s glamour and style

Sporting the trend for an elegant woman with a cigarette 
in hand just we would have seen years ago or on the 
silver screen.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
Beauty looking beauty in the face

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