Thursday, 11 November 2010


A brief visit to the city of Tokyo was had recently warranting a moment to visit friends and loved ones and stock up on updating the latest in trends  and the many style tribes in and around Harajuku, Shibuya. I even managed to get a brief glimps of street life in super happy town of Ame Mura. As you all know Osaka is party central in Japan exposure to party central though brief was most welcomed and with the assistance of my best friend Noriko, helped me snag a few more great shots under my belt  than I would have got on my own.

So what’s happening on the streets you ask? Much the same. The young and stylish hang out in and around Harajuku’s maze of streets in the hope of being featured within the pages of the many local or well know Japanese fashion mags that feature what they call street snap. They don’t care much for the outside world.

Omotosando is very much like a conveyor belt of style. Jump on or off at your peril. I have one profound visual I only wish I could have filmed. Well maybe two.
One was that of a screaming woman in heals seriously legging it down Omotosando at full speed. This is in heels I say so when she tripped and everyone thought Oh! And gasped thinking she’s going to be messed up at that speed, but somehow she managed to correct her balance and didn’t hit the ground. Her keitai bounced many times landing close to me.
All scratched up I picked it up. She’d covered much distance at an impressive speed. A young man approached and accepted it from me saying thanks as he ran off in her direction.
The road was in silence. To the bottom the young in heels wearing glasses was by a taxi and she opened the door to climb in.
Everyone thought her bag had been stolen. She was focused and determined. That taxi had her name on it and in her mind perhaps there would be no other taxis ever again.
This is Omotosando we’re talking. It’s taxi central.  So that was an odd memory.

The other was again on Omotosando on a sunny Sunday afternoon. 25C checking out the scene, the stylish as they stroll by and myself waiting for the choice moment to have a chat with the right person.  As you know I am not just interested in the stylish but more those with a little something else, the personality and character that adds to the image.
As I stand watching the world go by, a red Double Decker route master bus from London goes by towards to glamorous and high class end of Omotosando Hills.
Naturally I do a double take. One worthy of being caught on film along with the bus that shouldn’t be there and even now I can’t figure out how on Earth it got there.

Back to the trends and styles.

The biggest one was the one the celebs in the US seem to be going for. But in Tokyo the girls call it Date Megane. The trend for wearing super large old 1960s – 1770s style glasses but in Tokyo the girls don’t have lenses in theirs. This look is epidemic. Women of all ages and guys too love this look.

Being the autumn hot on the heels of Chanel’s fall winter collection in Paris. Fur was everywhere too. Much loved by the girls especially in Shibuya.
Fur boots, fur hats, mittens, fur lined ponchos and capes and fur legwarmers.
I hear you thinking, but the temperature was 25C. You’re very right. There were many programs on TV discussing the madness of baked foot in fur doing experiments on
Shibuya teens with thermometers fiving crazy reading from within her boot. What a kogalu will do for the love of fashion.
You’ve got to admire them and you know we do. 


 Love the slogan on her sweatshirt as a dress
Many a chuckkle

 Rena with her pretty blue eyes dressed in Sweet Lolita.

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