Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Fresh back from the streets of Tokyo, sorry for the absence folks but I assure you it’s all for a just cause and one i’ll be sharing with you all shortly.
My first thoughts were after a clean break from mainstream fashion nonstop, I needed a break so “Tokyo ikimasho”.
With my street fashion head firmly on and secured, mind in check (you have to get into a mindset for Tokyo as it’s so very different any other city in Japan).
I start off in street fashion mode. Shooting on Omotosando in Harajuku, struggling at first, single male gaijin on his own, yes illusions shattered some of you, I am indeed a guy.
Back to the situation. Two Loli chans, Goth Lolita girls dressed beautifully as they do, I so love their look of perfection. Momentum picking up slowly. The shots are starting to roll in bit by bit. This is what I need to escape a month solid of back to back fashion week madness. You know I love it but who decided to have fashion weeks in tendon simultaneously.
MB New York,  Cibeles &  London, Milan & India Fashion Week. WHY!!!!
So the plan was to escape it all & knowing it was Japan Fashion Week the temptation was there & I was good avoiding it. Unlike Milan, London, Paris & New York where there is a central point of focus. A central venue for most of the shows, Japan Fashion week is spread out across Tokyo making it rather difficult for me to break temptation and shoot street style arrivals of the most stylish show attendees. Much more my cup of tea than shooting the shows themselves. My point is while escaping the mainstream and taking pictures of these two girls dressed impeccably in Gothic Lolita style, I nice man comes up to me and asks me am I press? Reluctantly I say yes, I don’t like mentioning that I am. There are time it does you no favours to say so.
I am suddenly offered an opportunity to shoot the h.Naoto show at 4:PM. Now I’m from London. h.Naoto is a global brand from Japan and this is a big deal. So much for escaping Japan Fashion Week. It’s 2PM & my hotel is way across Tokyo in Minamisenju. I love the Yamanote line but I had to get my other lens. So off I set back at the Harajuku showroom 4:25 panicking.
The wonderful people at h.Naoto had waited for me. Thank you guys.

So here are the images I shot from the collection for the spring of 2011. The designer Hirooka Naoto is known for is more edgy slant to the Gothic Lolita look, going for the more punk feel and aiming more at street style with is designs. Leaning towards a dark colour pallet, blacks with reds, swashes of blue or green from time to time.
There were influences and inspirations form mainstream western brands I felt within the collection, like tiny snippets of Alexander McQueen’s regal A/W 2008. 

Did you notice the background? Hangry & Angry
 You know how we love shoes in all their hues here at JSTREETSTYLE 
These bueaties in green need to be seen on the streets of Harajuku.
We love them. Daring and edgy with their platform sole and perspecs detail.

The main man himself

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