Saturday, 15 May 2010


The Camden Crawl

A two day festival in & around the Camden area of North London where you can see from over 30 venues of various types, clubs, pubs & bars, legendary event Meccas like the Round House, Dingwalls & the Jazz Cafe, live stage acts & performers. Get up close & personal with well known indie, rock, dance bands, acts & performers. Even chill with poetry & all mixed with copious amounts of alcohol close to hand.

The term crawl refers to pub crawl where the aim is to go from one pub or event to another in the aim to drink or participate in whatever activity takes place in all on the circuit, 
Hence The Camden Crawl.

A ticket purchase allows you to see the many acts, bands & performers & with the price of going to see a live band play these days, it's a real bargain.

Here are some of the people I came across & captured attending the event.
Camden is one of the great places in London to people watch & is known for it distinct style.

Boots by T.U.K. ink

Vanessa from Lincolnshire. Indecisive. Left right white black.
Hell! I'll just smile for a while

Akiko Matsuura from the Pre, Comanechi & the Big Pink

"And No! I didn't!" 

TIGS from the band The Chew Lips wearing a vintage 
Peruvian tribal style jumpsuit with shoes by Topshop

Katrina from Cyberdog ready to party

Adrienne from Scotland

Blue Man Group! Not me. One Man band on MTV

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