Monday, 26 April 2010

Whitby Goth Festival

Whitby Goth Festival & weekend

Over a weekend twice a year, the sleepy coastal town of Whitby in North Yorkshire is a visual treat for the eyes as not only young angst ridden teenagers in packs dress up in their Goth wear, but a rare treat where whole families dress up in exceptional costume. Couples young, middle-aged & those of well seasoned years show exceptional delight & fun at dressing up & having a good time while in Goth wear.

It all started in the early 90s when naturally there were but handful of people into Goth that wanted to reach out & find others. Many years later it's an international event images of which, can be seen in any respectable Goth related publication from Germany to Japan, which is where I first discovered it in an exceptional Goth based publication called Kera.

Bring your granny, bring the kids. Even pet friendly bowls of chilled water are placed out for doggies dressed up for the occasion.

With cobbled streets, a spa pavilion, a grand Abby not to mention the towns links to Dracula, it's the perfect setting.
Purchase a ticket & you can get to see bands playing, hear experts talk on all that's Goth in grand settings or just stroll around the town feeding ones eyes with the delights of Auntie Jane dressed up in her best dragging her beloved along with her for support. Feast on the multitude of fish & chips diners, shops selling delicious bites of chocolates, delightful fudges, ice creams, amazing tasty pork pies & so much more.

Here are a few of the visual treats I managed to capture on my very first visit to the festival. With famed Northern hospitality of some friends to help, I had a wonderful & memorable day. Hope these images help convey memories & longings of ones own, wishing you were there.

Think Pink

Hay Doll. Even this little lass is dressed for the event in clothes by Azone


Sugar & sweet with socks on their feet. Two girls go for pretty style 


Within these walls 

Not a wee nipper. He's Jack The Ripper 

Armed force. Prepared for all

She really is Mad as a Hatter!

Dark forces take to the street. Better behave or else!

Leather clad. Not bad, not bad!

Fuming raging terror or a dapper gent?


Good golly Miss Molly. You're dressed like a dolly

Mr & Mrs

Gentlemen of the cloth or a couple of toffs

Is this the wrong place for Lace in your face.

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