Sunday, 6 January 2019


Day two of LFWM AW 2019 was a more subdued clipped and relaxed affair. 
I guess after the icy temperatures of the first day, people thought @%$* that! 
I’m staying in bed in the warmth all day.
With that said, we ventured out for you, and managed to net you a few treats 
to satisfy that inquisitive visual at attention of yours.
 Here’s Mr. Super Cool himself. That devilishly handsome actor, model 
and everything else that cashes in on those dashing good looks of his, 
We spotted him arriving to a show along with various other guests, 
asserting their sense of style, in the hope of courting your very own 
attentive eyes.
Here's looking at you Blue. Why not show us your true colours
 Here are a couple of foot notes for good measure, and for those who like
a bit of foot candy on the screen, just for the pure pleasure of it,
 And just for the thril of it.
 This is Monzi Terri of Euqinom7Designs wearing a mask of her own
design, and a silver jacket by Michiko Koshino
FInishing up this post with Jamaican model and singer Misty The Brand
wearing mostly Ellesee in her look, a silver jacket from H&M, with trainers 
by Buffalo

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Pat Lyttle  of  JSTREETSTYLE 
 These images are copyrighted and belong to Pat Lyttle of JSTREETSTYLE.
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