Saturday, 3 March 2018


Here is the long awaited second part post from LFW AW 2018.
We'll start of the preceedings with a follow up shoe file. 
Another hit of all the exciting foot candy on show during Fashion Week. 
Fine feathered friends 
White patent leather Elsa 95 Pumps by Attico
 Here are those Kendall pearly metallic spiked block heel sandals by Gucci.
Worn here with socks. 
Ah yes! That eternal argument. Socks with heels. We can can hear some of you
 in rage just over the thought of such a thing, others shaking your head, 
saying absolutely not among yourselves. We see  you all. We hear those 
thoughts loud and clear. The huge trend for funky and cute socks with heels 
that swept Japan back in the late 90s early 2000s made quite an impact 
and influence on the mainstream world of High end fashion, as it always does. 
Miuccia Prada was a keen watcher, and her Spring 2008 reflected it. 
Long socks with those beautiful secret garden flower heels. Think you can 
quite guess, here at JSTREETSTYLE, we’re on the side of socks with heels. 
Ardent campaigners for the cause we’d like to say.
Shimmering shiny silver glitter plateau ankle boots from Gucci.
Here is that amazing fun, crazy full of energy fashion buyer, DB David bag 
brand ambassador and influencer, Harper Silin
In the image above she wears a slogan t-shirt with a vintage jacket, 
belt and boots by Zara, with a stunning bespoke hand made skirt 
by Adam From Fashion of And Studio London. 
Finally ending this post with an image of the lovely Irene Kim
Here we see the cool South Korean blogger and model wearing Mulberry.

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