Tuesday, 28 February 2017



Hi everyone. Sorry for the absence, it has indeed been some time since we 
last hung out here in blogsville. Had to dust off the tumbleweed after log in.

We thought wed treat you to some of the visual delights spotted on
the streets during the recent LFW shows in mid February.
This is the amazing Betty Bachz. Designer, model Co Founder of  
Moy Atelier She's always and ever stylish and a new discovery here. 
One we're sure you'll agree we like. 
Here is the stunning South Koeran model Sora Choi. She's on so 
many catwalks. We first bumped into this fun and totally bonkers woman 
at at Paris Fashion Week and at LCM back in 2015, where we found 
her literally dancing in the streets. OK, she was twirling around, same thing
This is Judy Chou. Fashion writer, Stylist, Party goer, Selfie fan. If it ivolves
fashion and especially wearing cool clothing, chances are she's involved.   
Here sitting pretty is Artist and Fashion Stylist Amber Bryan-Smith.
Never short on colour as life's way too much fun to be in black and white. 

 This is Jiawa Liu. Lifestyle and fashion blogger.
She normally models cool underwear, but on London streets in winter, 
sorry folks, not this time around. Maybe later in the summer season. 
 Here is the lovely Candy Li of HARDcANDY 
Buyer, influencer, promoter and fashion brand consultant.

All images featured in this blog belong to and are shot by 
Pat Lyttle  of  JSTREETSTYLE

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