Sunday, 17 July 2016


O Hisashi buri desu ne  おひさしぶりですね

It’s been long time since we’ve seen each other and we’ve dearly
 missed you. Things have just got crazy. Events, curveballs 
and spanners have been thrown into the the path of ones life.
But it all still goes on as do we all. We’re still here, and we still 
intend to share with you what we find and see on the streets.

We’ve not been able to bring to you the incredible, the fantastic 
and the amazing representations and interpretations of individuality 
in style from Japan for some time now, and we can only express 
our apologies for that. Something we will rectify and are working on.
Until then as said, we intend to continue to share what we see.

With that in mind, this July has been a most interesting one as 
here in the UK, the sun paid us a most pleasant visit. Will it stay? 
Who knows. Not even our finest meteorologists know that,
but with the face of the sun upon us here in London, the influence 
of Japanese fashion and style has been most strong of recent.

Maybe with the events of Hyper Japan and time capsule project 
of Sebastian Masuda, have prompted interest, or maybe it’s the 
awareness of the mainstream populous, a final global recognition 
of the impact of Japanese popular street and subculture style 
and fashion, being readily available and targeted to the west 
especially to the USA, France and of course the UK.

Pat Lyttle of JSTREETSTYLE, has been documenting 
street style from Japan and it’s influence on the west, since 1997, 
just under 20 years.
Way back then, it was a rare thing outside of Japan to see the 
impact Japanese street style had, but today it’s everywhere. 
Cosplay is probably the greatest exponent of it, and the growth of 
Lolita style is undeniable, but Harajuku style and Kawaii style 
has been around for decades and it is now a global phenomena. 
One that can be witnessed on the streets of 
Paris, LA, New York or here in London.

These images are brought to you through the happenings of the 
second week of July 2018.

 Teenagers and young women of London spotted in Camden at the 
Time After Time Capsual Workshop hosted by Sebastian Masuda 
of Kyary Pyamu Pyamu and 6% Doki Doki style. The girls in the 
above image all dressed in the famed Harajuku Kawaii Style, 
many if not most wearing items from the amazing 6%Doki Doki store.
 olita style. One in Sweet (left) the other (right) in Gothic.
  Sweet Lolita style, with a hint of Decora.
 A teenage girl posing for a picture dressed in Harajuku Kawaii style
 Here's a young woman spotted  in polca dots, a biker jacket, 
cool platform sandals and a Japanese school backpack or Randoseru.
The ランドセル is a very cool item to have in the west and can now 
be bought at many online stores. Traditionally red, it now comes in 
many colours and even customised patterns.
 Here's a woman wearing a style influenced by the Sumurai Hakama
This is Jessica Ogdon from Newcastle in a Lolita style dress by 
Diamond Honey with Angel & Devil Cat prints, her shoes by Bodyline.
 Finally, above James from Feltham with Joshie. Both have created their
 Decora looks totally from vintage and thrift shop items.
All images featured in this blog belong to and are shot by 


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